Improving healthcare through Ghana Health Informatics Association (GHIA®):

   - Provides a national focus for health informatics, its practitioners, industry and         users
   - Advocates on behalf of its members and 
   - Provides opportunities for learning and professional development in health         informatics


Health informatics is seen as a valued discipline with application across the spectrum of health services and its practitioners are recognized for their special knowledge.GHIA is viable, influential and valued for the services it provides its large membership.


As a professional society we:

            - Work in the best interests of our members
            - Promote ethical and professional conduct
            - Have open, consensus-based processes
            - Are effective champions for the value of health informatics
            - Value our Government, industry partners and other stakeholders
            - Operate effectively within a non-for-profit model


Specialized university departments and informatics training programs began the use of computer technology in medicine during the 1960s in France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. 

Similarly, the Ghana Health informatics Association originated from the department of Biostatistics under the School of Public Health at the University of Ghana. The aim was to build a formidable health informatics body, that will champion the innovations, development and deployment of health informatics tools and solutions in the country. 
The association started with its  membership limited to  graduating year groups of the Masters program in Health Informatics. As a growing body, over the years, the association introduced various categories of memberships to include existing students and even health informatics enthusiasts.

The Association whose current membership exceeds 300 has Mr. Achoribo Elikplim as its president.